Careers at Full Plates

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

Our people are what make us successful and we strive to create the best possible workplace.

Our Culture

We our proud of our supportive and inclusive culture that values team members as human beings first and foremost. We lead with trust and offer significant flexibility and support to ensure that everyone is able to bring their best selves to our collective efforts to end childhood food insecurity in Maine. In our hiring processes, we preference what folks might add to our culture, rather than focusing solely on how candidates will fit into our existing culture which can lead to a lack of diversity and stifle innovation. We believe that lasting systems change efforts must actively include those whom the current system has failed. Candidates with lived and/or living experience of food insecurity, and those who identify as members of systemically oppressed groups, are strongly encouraged to apply. Learn more about our core values and commitments to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Current openings

There are no open positions at this time. Join our mailing list to learn more about our work and to be notified about future career opportunities.

What to Expect from the Hiring Process

We are committed to standardized and transparent hiring practices. All Full Plates job descriptions will include salary and benefit information and clear job duties and expectations. We do not require formal degrees and value all types of relevant work, volunteer, academic, and lived experiences. We will ask for a resume and, in lieu of a cover letter, an optional brief statement sharing any relevant information you feel your resume doesn’t convey.

Interview processes span 2-3 rounds, typically including a 30-minute Zoom or phone interview, followed by subsequent 45-60 minute interview rounds over Zoom/phone or in-person. We strive to be transparent about our timelines and will follow up with every applicant in a timely manner. Since we primarily communicate with candidates via email, be sure to keep an eye on your spam folder throughout the process just in case.

We acknowledge that all applicants will have different ways of processing and sharing information, varying levels of experience with applications and interviews, and other unique preferences and needs surrounding the application process. In response, we always share interview questions and expectations at least 24 hours in advance and are flexible in when and where interviews are scheduled. To request additional accommodations during the hiring process, please email

Compensation & Benefits

As an organization continually working towards equity, we offer standardized, competitive salaries, with salary bands based on the level and expectations of the role. Candidates will be slotted within these bands based solely on relevant experience (including lived and/or living experience with food insecurity), rather than a candidate’s ability to negotiate, as negotiation leads to inequities that tend to negatively impact BIPOC, women, and trans and/or gender-nonconforming folks. We publicly advertise salary bands in job postings and will inform all finalists of their specific starting salary prior to accepting a final interview. View our full compensation policy and our current starting salary grid.

All Full Plates job opportunities currently include the following benefits:

  • Option to work remotely (with occasional, ~monthly in-person all-staff meetings)
  • Unlimited PTO, within a culture that actively encourages its use
  • Fully paid family and medical leave
  • 13 holidays
  • Half-day Summer Fridays (office closes at 1:00 every Friday from Independence Day through Labor Day)
  • Anthem PPO health insurance plan with 85% premium paid for employee and 50% premium paid for dependents. Stipend available for employees electing not to join group plan
  • Delta Dental plan with 85% premium paid for employee
  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with annual employer contribution (even if you don’t contribute!)
  • Short-term disability and group life insurance with 100% premium paid by employer
  • Self-care and professional development stipends

We aim to create a family-friendly, supportive, and flexible work environment and are honored to have earned a 2022 Best Place for Working Parents business designation.