Becoming a FEED KIDS Partner

Businesses across Maine are committing to the idea that no child should grow up hungry. Our FEED KIDS cause marketing initiative represents a growing network of purpose-driven Maine businesses who make ending childhood food insecurity a part of their social responsibility strategy. FEED KIDS is a turnkey platform that makes it easy for Maine businesses to give back.

(Already know how FEED KIDS works and want to dive right in? Click here.)

How It Works:

Who can participate?

Maine businesses committed to taking action toward ending childhood food insecurity, right here at home, are invited to the FEED KIDS movement. While you may notice many of our FEED KIDS partners are in the food and beverage industry – they’ve long been first to the table to support our work – FEED KIDS is an inclusive initiative that welcomes businesses of all sizes, concepts, and locations.

Determine your FEED KIDS activation:

  • Designate a product or service as your FEED KIDS item and determine an amount you’ll donate from each sale of that item, (ask us about how to do this without incurring the cost directly), or
  • Dedicate a percentage of sales as your FEED KIDS contribution, or
  • Invite your customers to make a donation at point-of-sale, or
  • Design a unique integration that works well for your business model. Need some ideas? Let’s start a conversation!

Launch your FEED KIDS campaign:

  • We’ll work with you to design your personalized FEED KIDS campaign page that we’ll host on our website. Your logo will appear in our FEED KIDS gallery where visitors to our site can click through to learn about your FEED KIDS campaign.
  • You’ll have access to our FEED KIDS Brand Kit with branding and resources that will help you effectively and regularly communicate about your FEED KIDS campaign to your customers – a cornerstone of the initiative is raising awareness for the cause of ending childhood food insecurity.
  • We’ll welcome you as a FEED KIDS partner on our social media channels and ask that you do the same.

Watch the good grow:

  • Make regular – preferably monthly – donations to your FEED KIDS campaign and we’ll keep a tally of your impact on the fundraising dashboard on your campaign page.
  • As a FEED KIDS partner, you’ll not only be raising important funds to help connect Maine kids with free, healthy meals, you’ll be levering your business to amplify the cause of ending childhood food insecurity in Maine which is proven to create powerful ripple effects.
  • We’ll keep you updated about the investments we’re making to increase access to free, healthy meals for Maine kids.

Take the First Step

By clicking “SUBMIT” your contact information will be shared with a FEED KIDS specialist at Full Plates Full Potential. Someone will be in touch with you soon. Meanwhile, if you’d like to share more about your plans or ask questions, emails us at any time at We’re excited to start working with you!