School Breakfast Grant Program

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Grant Description

The School Breakfast Grant Program is a funding opportunity for schools looking to increase the number of students participating in their School Breakfast Program. We are looking to support innovative ideas or tried and true best practices, such as Breakfast After the Bell, to enhance breakfast access by reimbursing costs not covered by the USDA.

This grant is specific to improving and expanding breakfast programs. For general equipment funding, please see the DOE’s Equipment Assistance Grant. Grant funds may not be used to purchase food that will be served in USDA reimbursable meals or to pay for ongoing staff time directly associated with preparing and serving USDA reimbursable meals.

Eligibility Information

  • Grants available to school districts and organizations operating federal Child Nutrition Programs (School Breakfast Program, SSO)
  • Only one application per school administration unit or organization



Grant Portal Opens for Applications October 16, 2023
Application Deadline November 9, 2023
Grantees Announced November 17, 2023



Grants will be available to schools from

For the following:

  • Equipment needed to support operating a new Breakfast After the Bell model like Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab n’ Go Breakfast, or Second Chance Breakfast (coolers, carts, baskets, pin pads, etc.)
  • Outreach costs for enhanced marketing and advertising to students, parents, and school staff
  • Staff training and professional development activities
  • Staff time required to plan and prepare for the successful launch of a new Breakfast After the Bell model (e.g. time spent planning a reimbursable meal menu, development of attendance tracking procedures, filing systems)
  • And more!

In the fall and winter of the 2021-22 school year, Full Plates awarded 19 Breakfast Grants, totaling $71,334 in funding. Additionally, we partnered with Maine’s Department of Education to disperse $21,528 of federal funds to 10 more schools. Our grant program and these federal funds prioritize Breakfast After…

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