Local Advocacy Tools & Templates

Advocate for your child nutrition programs! Use the materials below and customize to your district’s needs.

Cost of School Food Presentation

These slides include visuals to explain the federal reimbursement program and how it funds your programs’ operations. Use it for a dynamic presentation to gain support from your school board or parent group. There are additional slides to represent other financial information. This is customizable and you can use whichever slides best meet your needs.

Food Service 101

Use this template to provide a snapshot of the inner workings of your school meals operations. This can also be a great tool to keep a record for internal use. This is customizable and you can delete or add sections and information as needed.

Food Service Funding Proposal

This template provides a clear and simple chart to lay out your asks and justifications to the community. It can accompany a longer explanation well, and be used as a handout for decision makers to leave with.

School Nutrition Strategic Plan Proposal

This template can be used to add detail and examples to a specific funding request. It includes sections for multiple scenarios, budgets, and pros and cons of each scenario.

Additional Advocacy Resources

Find even more resources (infographics, articles, reports, slideshows) on our shared Google folder. Let us know if you have anything to add!

Questions about these resources or want additional support? Reach out to our Child Nutrition Consultants: consultants@fullplates.org