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Here's how Maine Day Ventures helps:

For every tour booking made, Maine Day Ventures donates $1 to the FEED KIDS campaign to help connect Maine kids with the meals they need to thrive.

Maine Day Ventures

The Maine Day Ventures mission is to educate visitors and locals alike about Maine’s vital food and beverage culture and the people behind the plates and pours. Since their inception in 2009, their goal has been to support all kinds of culinary artisans while giving back to the growing communities in which they operate, along Maine’s beautiful seacoast.

Throughout their first ten years, Maine Day Ventures (previously Maine Foodie Tours) donated monthly to various and worthy charities that are focused on food insecurity, including Full Plates. Beginning in 2020, they decided to concentrate their year-round support on ending child hunger in Maine. Founder and Director Pamela Laskey believes that “Life is full and rich only when you have access to healthy (ideally local) foods that feed your brain and your belly.” Growing up in central Maine, she found evidence all around that her neighbors struggle with hunger. “We are honored to do our part,” says Pam.

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