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Topset Meals invites their customers to make a donation at checkout each week as they place their online meal order to support Full Plates' efforts to end child hunger in Maine. #topsetmeals #feedkidsmaine

Topset Meals

Topset Meals is a locally owned and operated meal service based in Portland, Maine. They offer delicious, ready-to-eat, nutritious meals that feature hand-selected produce and antibiotic/growth hormone-free meats. Ingredients are chosen with the intention of replenishing key nutrients and micronutrients that the body may be lacking, promoting optimal digestive health. Check their website for the weekly ordering schedule.

Upon checkout, Topset Meals invites their community to make a donation to the FEED KIDS initiative, in an amount of their choosing. 100% of these donations are contributed directly to the FEED KIDS campaign. Topset Meals leverages the privilege and power of their growing community to create awareness of child hunger, sharing their perspective that “It is not a child’s responsibility to take care of themselves. Our children are our future. If we neglect them we deprive ourselves of the potential beauty and impact they can imprint on this world.”

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