Using the Local Foods Fund

The Local Foods Fund provides reimbursements for schools to support the purchase of local foods. Schools can get $1 for every $3 spent on local foods!

Formerly known as the Local Produce Fund, the Local Foods Fund was expanded in 2021 to broaden the list of qualifying foods, increase the reimbursement cap, and allow for more sourcing options:

Local Produce FundLocal Foods Fund
Type of foodProduce onlyProduce, protein, grains, value-added dairy
Annual reimbursement
cap per district
$2,000 – $2,500$5,000 – $5,500
SourcingDirect producers onlyDirect producers, processors of local products, and distributors

Visit the Maine DOE website to learn more and to file reimbursement claims.


“The Local Foods Fund has been instrumental in getting fresh, local ingredients onto the trays of students. Now that we can order these items directly from our food vendors, it makes it exponentially easier to receive farm fresh items every single week.”

Caroline Trinder, RSU 23 Food and Nutrition Services Director

“We have seen partnerships form between vegetable and livestock farmers, creameries, fishermen, and even beekeepers! From rolled oats to shaved steak, Maine schools have taken advantage of the expanded Fund both in diversity of food bought and dollars spent. Despite challenges with supply chain availability and other pandemic-related hurdles, Maine schools have continued to support farmers and producers and offer students even more healthy, local food.”

Robin Kerber, Maine DOE Farm and Sea to School Coordinator