Youth Engagement

Full Plates believes that the best solutions come from those most impacted by the systems we’re working to change. When it comes to school meal programs, we strive to lift up youth experiences and create opportunities for students to engage with these programs. Read on to find different ways to collaborate with your community around food insecurity, whether you identify as youth, adult, or anywhere in between.

Join the Youth Food Security Council

The Youth Food Security Council will get to work addressing hunger in Maine by centering student voices and breaking down barriers to food access. This council is open to youth and adults and will work in partnership with Full Plates as well as other local organizations.

If you’re interested in joining or want to learn more, contact Kirsten Tenney at

Host a Workshop

Interested in starting a dialogue around food security at your school? We’re here to help! Fill out the form below to connect with us and learn more about what this workshop could look like at your school.

Spread the Word!

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Please reach out to Kirsten Tenney with any questions: